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Resident Return Visas

This visa allows you to return to Australia if your visa expired outside Australia or if you need to leave Australia even after your Permanent resident visa had expired.

There is no age requirement for this visa


  • Be a former Permanent resident whose last permanent resident visa was not canceled

  • Be a former Australian citizen who had lost or renounced their Australian citizen

  • Be an Australian Permanent resident

There are two ways in which this visa is applied for;

  1. You need to meet residency requirements:  You need to have spent more than 730 days in Australia in the last 5 years. Or,

  2. You will need to demonstrate that you have strong substantial ties to Australia that benefit Australia such as;


  • Personal Ties

  • Business Ties

  • Cultural Ties

  • Employment Ties


If you are struggling to increase your ties to Australia. Contact us and we can provide you with an action plan on how to do this! 


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