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Professional, friendly and practical team with the great interest in achieving your goals

We are an Australian business with experience in Education and Migration services. 

This business was born out of our passion to help migrants achieve their personal and professional dreams just as we did. 

We are committed to achieve successful results for our clients, no matter if you are overseas or in Australia.



Because we care about your future and goals. We will always recommend you the best option for you to settle in this wonderful country; or

If your objective is only to come to Australia to study, we will give you the best education advice to succeed wherever you go.

We will work with you all the time and we will resolve all your questions in a timely manner.

We have experience and our number of successful applications speak by themselves.

Our logo:

We designed our own logo to represent our belief; that one can travel from one world to another with hopes to achieve goals that will bring a brighter sunrise. 

Margot Chavez
Migration Specialist

MARN No. 2217834

 Driven and  passionate about migration law, Margot completed her graduate Diploma in Australian Migration Law and Practice. She is also a qualified Education Counsellor. And, holds a Post Graduate Masters in Accounting and Financial Management from La Trobe University – Australia. 

Margot offers many years of both national and international experience in the Migration and Education sectors.

Originally moving to Australia from Peru, Margot pursued further education in Melbourne whilst working to pay for her tuition fees. The success of finally obtaining her own Permanent Residency has given her the confidence and knowledge to assist others to do the same. 

Margot ensures proficient attention to detail for every client and their case. She is also bilingual and fluent in both Spanish and English. Her professional attitude towards assisting every client as best she can, coupled with a broad skillset positions Margot as a key component to Stralia Migration. 


She is inspired to provide you with the best options for your future in Australia.

Ethen Kauiers
Marketing Officer

An Australian himself, Ethen has gradually come to appreciate the position he holds as a citizen of the 'land down under'. After leaving high-school, he has found himself interacting, engaging and befriending people from all different countries around the world.


His personality is defined by his charisma and creativity; to share his time and help with the community around him brings Ethen a sense of happiness he can't find elsewhere. He loves to design logos, campaigns on social media and promote activities/events to join different parts of the community. 

He has travelled around the world living in different countries such as the United States and South America. Throughout his travels, he has not only improved his photography skills but also his patience and understanding with people (along with his Spanish). He is always keen to show you beautiful places through the photos he has taken.

He finds international people and their stories of migration inspiring; from volunteering in a community kitchen with Sri Lankan cooks, to showing European backpackers the suburbs of Melbourne, to couch-surfing and hosting friends in his spare rooms - to share and assist others is what really matters to Ethen.


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