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Partner visas

You can apply for a partner visa if you are onshore or offshore. You apply for both the temporary visa and the Permanent visa at the same time.

You must have an eligible sponsor.


  • If you are in De-facto or Married an Australian citizen or,

  • If you are a permanent resident or,

  • If you are an eligible New Zealand citizen

Your relationship can be with the same sex or opposite gender

To prove your relationship with your sponsor you must meet the following:

  1. Financial Aspect of your relationship

  2. Social Aspects of your relationship

  3. You need to show your commitment to one another.

  4. Evidence of house

We can also help you with other difficult scenarios such as;

  • If you do not hold a substantive visa but you are in a committed relationship (this will depend on circumstances)

  • If you or your partner have character or health issues

  • If you are currently suffering from domestic violence


You might still be granted your partner visa if you meet the following:

  1. If your sponsor has died

  2. If you have suffered from family violence

  3. If you have children with your sponsor


If you wish to discuss your circumstances further please book a consultation with our registered migration agent to discuss your matter further!


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